Thousands of Iraqi Yezidis cross into Syria everyday

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Girke Lege, Syria For almost two weeks now, Iraqi Yezidi refugees still arrive in the predominantly Kurdish areas in northeast of Syria, escaping Shingal area, which is controlled by militants of the Islamic State (IS).

Yezidi refugees get access to Syria from the border crossing south of Jaza’ town to the southern access of Rumaylan -northeast of Syria- where the Popular Protection Units (YPG) established a checkpoint.

Yezidis also use Tel Kocher (al-Ya’rubiyah) border crossing protected by armed groups from the Arab tribe of Shammar.

“Since the start of Shingal attacks, approximately 300 vehicles enter Syria everyday carrying displaced Yezidi families,” Hussein Jemmo, a member of the Assayish forces (linked to the Democratic Union Party ‘PYD’), told ARA News on the phone, speaking from al-Swediya security checkpoint in far northeast of Syria.

“This number does not include the private cars moving Iraqi Yezidis from Semalka crossing to Syria’s Kurdish areas,” said Jemmo.

After entering Syria, many Yezidi refugees head to the newly established camp of Newroz near Syria’ Derik, or cross the borders back to enter Iraqi Kurdistan, mainly to the city of Zaxo.

Speaking to ARA News in Derik, administrative officer of Newroz camp for Yezidi refugees,  Haydar Mahmoud, said: “We host refugees who want to stay here. However, if they prefer to cross back to Iraqi Kurdistan we provide them with transportation.”

The 400-tent camp was established by the PYD-ledAuto-Administration in northern Syria. The agricultural bank in Derik became a warehouse for the camp.

“UNHCR delivered on Tuesday big amounts of rice, flour, soap and clothes to the warehouse,” said the storekeeper Hussen Derki.

“We received relief items from Qamishli airport sent by UNHCR and RC organization.” Deriki told ARA News.

A humanitarian call was made on Wednesday by the administration of Newroz camp asking for urgent aid of food, medicine, clothes and tents “as the number of refugees in the camp is 12 thousand and still increasing”.

Yezidi refugees arrived in Syria after escaping IS-held Iraqi northern areas of Shingal and Zamar.


Reporting by: Mir Jakob

Source: ARA News

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