Syrian Kurdish boys returning from school in Domiz Camp, Iraqi Kurdistan. Photo: ARA News

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Kobane, Syria – Amid a security vacuum and lack of governmental institutions, the city of Kobane in northern Syria saw remarkable deterioration on several levels, including suspension of schools and educational systems.

However, the Auto-Administration (led by the Democratic Union Party ‘PYD’) has recently started efforts to reactivate a number of schools in the city of Kobane. Several primary schools are expected to open their doors soon for children who were deprived of their right to education for more than two years.

Noteworthy, the Auto-Administration announced its intention to include the Kurdish language in the curriculum, next to Arabic and English.

In Kobane, where Kurds constitute the majority, the Kurdish language is being presented for the first time after decades of ban by the Assad regime.

According to the PYD-led Auto-Administration, 41.290 students and pupils in Kobane lost their right to education, as the majority of schools were closed due to the departure of the directors and teachers after the Syrian regime stopped paying their salaries. Another major reason is the lack of basic supplies and people’s inability to afford education costs abroad.

The city of Kobane in Aleppo province has been besieged by militants of the Islamic State (IS) for nearly a year.  IS militants have blocked all roads leading to the city, causing a crucial shortage of basic humanitarian needs, such as food and medicine. The only gate linking Kobane to the world is its northern environs at the Turkish borders, where the Turkish border guards impose restrictions on any movements.

Several teachers in Kobane talked to ARA News about the hardships they encounter, appealing to the international organizations to provide them with assistance “in order to enable thousands of students to continue their studies”.

“Despite war and hunger, people are willing to continue education to overcome the current hard living conditions,” said one of the teachers.


Reporting by: Jan Ali

Source: ARA News

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