Pro-Assad forces regain control of rebel-held area in Hasakah

A Syrian army truck carrying troops who are give V for victory signs at the mountain village of Alley near the Lebanese border. File photo

ARA News

Al-Hasakah, Syria – Syrian regime forces regained control of parts of the Geweran district in southern Hasakah, northeastern Syria, after clashes with gunmen of Ahrar Geweran, local sources reported.

The pro-Assad military forces were reportedly backed by supporters of the National Defence Army (Arab tribal group loyal to President Bashar al-Assad in Hasakah) during the operations against Geweran on Thursday evening, sources told ARA News.

Activists based in the city of al-Hasakah confirmed that pro-regime military forces seized control of al-Sitteen Street and the entrance to al-Beiruti Bridge and the al-Basel roundabout in Geweran district.

“All parts of southwestern Geweran were captured by pro-Assad forces,” the sources said.

The Geweran neighbourhood was controlled by gunmen who claimed allegiance to the Islamic State (IS/ISIS) months ago. According to observers, IS militants (who are in control of several areas in the southern countryside of Hasakah) are trying to use Geweran as an entrance to seize the whole city of Hasakah and spread their territories to include the entire northeastern region of Syria, especially after the control of Deir ez-Zor about one month ago.

Dozens of fighters were killed during the conflict between pro-Assad forces and Geweran gunmen.

The same area also saw clashes between Geweran gunmen and Kurdish fighters from the Popular Protection Units (YPG).


Reporting by: Zaradasht Khalil

Source: ARA News

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