Yezidi girl survives ISIL atrocities in northern Iraq

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Beirut, Lebanon – One of the survivors of the massacres and atrocities committed by militants of the Islamic State (IS/ISIL) in the Yezidi areas of Shingal in northern Iraq, appeared in a video published online talking about her experience and the incidents she witnessed in early Aug. 2014.

The young Yezidi girl appeared in the video talking about the withdrawal of the Peshemrga forces from Shingal, which was followed by the attacks of IS militants fighters against the Yezidi civilians.

The survivor talked about her experience in Kojah village in Shingal area, saying: “When IS controlled our village, they separated men from women, then brutally killed all the men.”

“IS members divided women into groups of elderly, married and single. One hundred-fifty girls were moved in trucks to Tel Afar town in Nineveh province, where some IS members tried to harass the women during the trip,” she said.

The girl, who stayed anonymous in the video, pointed out that they were delivered to the IS prince in his house in Mosul, north of Iraq, “which is the main stronghold of IS extremists in the region.”

“Every three days, IS members were sending beautiful girls to the prince to rap them; to offer them later for sale in Mosul,” the survivor said.

Talking about the way she escaped from Tel Afar, the Yezidi girl said: “Because the guards were few, I was able to run away after a horrible nine days. I was afraid to face the same destiny as the other girls, so I had enough courage to escape.”

According to the survivor, some Yezidi girls were being sold for less than 500 USD, while some others, especially the youngest, were offered for  800-1000 USD.

Noteworthy, hundreds of Iraqi Yezidi women were transferred to the IS-held areas in northern Syria to be offered for sale, especially in Hasakah and Raqqa.


Reporting by: Hussam al-Zeer

Source: ARA News

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