‘We aspire for peace': Syrian Kurdish civilians stranded at Turkish border

ARA News

Kobane, Syria – Hundreds of Kurdish families from the city of Kobane in northern Syria are still stranded at the border-line with Turkey, suffering from hard living conditions amid a sharp shortage of basic supplies. 

In front of the Turkish village of Kok Tepe, only few meters away from their hometown, residents of Kobane stand before the Turkish barbed wire, waiting for some humanitarian and relief organizations to assist them.

Children, women, youth and elderly live in the open air for days now, while overlooking their villages observing the tanks and military vehicles of the Islamic State (IS/ISIS) bombing their houses. 

Abdul Qadir Wali, one of Kobane residents who with his family, escaped IS atrocities, told ARA News. “We can enter the Turkish territory, but we prefer the land of “Western Kurdistan” (areas where Kurds constitute majority in Syria).”

“We have children, infants, no drinking water, no health care, none of the elements of a decent life, only the dignity of staying on the land of our ancestors,” Khaje Muslim, 45, told ARA News at the Turkish border. “The honour of staying near the grave of my father and my brother gives me better feeling than living in refugee camps.” 

Humanitarian organizations bring them only two meals a day and some water, amid tight control by the Turkish soldiers, as IS militants continue to progress towards the city of Kobane, where fighting continuous with the Kurdish forces of the Popular Protection Units for the third consecutive week. 

Many of displaced civilians from Kobane are concerned about their fate.

“We appeal to the world to accelerate the process of finding a solution to our tragedy, so we go back to our homes,” Osse Muslim, a70-year-old Kurdish man, told ARA News. “We hate wars and condemn violence; we aspire for peace.” 


Reporting by: Jan Ali

Source: ARA News

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