Islamic State releases kidnapped Kurdish children

The last 25 kidnapped Kurdish children were released by IS on Wednesday, after five months of disappearance

ARA News

Kobane, Syria – On Wednesday afternoon, Islamic State’s insurgents released 25 Kurdish school children, the last of more than 150 children kidnapped in last May.

A local source in the city of Manbij, where the kidnapped children were held for nearly five months by the IS, told ARA News, under condition of anonymity, that the 25 children were released from an IS-held detention center in Mnabij, north of Aleppo. 

The children, aged 14-15, were kidnapped while returning home (to the city of Kobane) after performing middle-school exams in Aleppo.

Speaking to ARA News, Mustafa Joumaa, father of one of the kidnapped children, said that the 25 children were released by IS.

“Some of the released children were able to cross the border crossing of Manbij into Turkey to join their displaced families from Kobane,” Joumaa said. 

Idris Nassan, a Syrian Kurdish politician, also confirmed the release of the last group of the kidnapped children. 

“It is true. They were released from (the Syrian town of) Minbij today. This is the last part of the releases,” Nassan told Reuters. 

He said he did not know why the children had been released but suggested it could be part of a campaign of “propaganda.”


Reporting by: Jan Ali

Source: ARA News 

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