‘Kobane has turned into hell for ISIS': official

Flames rise from an explosion in Kobane, as seen from the Turkish village of Mursitpinar

ARA News 

Urfa, Turkey – The official spokesman of Syrian al-Akrad Front Brigade, Ahmed Hisso, stated to ARA News on Saturday that about 49 militants of the Islamic State (IS/ISIS) were killed in the recent clashes in the city of Kobane, northern Syria. 

Hisso pointed out that the clashes are still ongoing between Burkan al-Furat Operations Chamber (consisting of the Free Syrian Army FSA, al-Akrad Front and the Kurdish fighters of YPG) and the radical group of the Islamic State in the city of Kobane and its environs, adding that the clashes erupted overnight in the eastern front of the city and lasted until the morning.

“The clashes intensified in the village of Kanya Araban, al-Baladiya district and Azadi yard in Kobane, during which 23 IS extremists were killed,” Hisso told ARA News on the phone.

The spokesman of al-Akrad Front pointed out that 19 other militants of the IS were killed during clashes with the Kurdish forces at the southern suburb of Kobane on Saturday evening. 

“The clashes continued in the village of Tel Shaeer and its surroundings where 19 militants of IS were killed,” he said.

Hisso reported the death of 7 other members of the extremist group of IS when al-Akrad rebels attacked one of the group’s locations in the southern countryside of Kobane. 

Hisso stressed that Burkan al-Furat forces destroyed two IS-led military vehicles at the road between Halanja and Shiran in eastern Kobane, adding that the rebels have seized some weapons and ammunition from IS locations in the area.  

“The rebels of the FSA and al-Akrad Front collected 19 corpses of IS militants on Saturday, while the fighters of the YPG collected at least 30 dead bodies of those terrorists in Kobane and its surroundings,” Hisso told ARA News

On the other hand, Hisso reported the death of 9 YPG fighters as well as 2 rebels from the FSA (who are working together under the anti-IS umbrella of Burkan al-Furat Chamber). 

“Kobane has turned into hell for ISIS,” Hisso argued in an interview with ARA News.

Meanwhile, on Saturday the U.S.-led international coalition renewed its raids against strongholds of the IS militant fighters in Kobane, local sources reported. 


Reporting by: Redwan Bizar    

Source: ARA News

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