Lebanon arrests 50 suspects, including Syrian refugees

ARA News 

Beirut, Lebanon – On Thursday, the Lebanese army forces arrested 50 people during raids following the battles in towns and neighborhoods of Tripoli, in northern Lebanon. 

The Lebanese General Command said in a statement that the army forces had arrested the 50 people, within the framework of a security crackdown after battles with Islamist militants over the past few days.

“The Lebanese army forces entered the towns of al-Minayya, Meshta Hassan,  Meshta Hammoud, and camps of Syrian refugees in the town of Bahnin, and captured around 50 people suspected to have links with the Islamist militants in Tripoli,” the Army General Command said.

According to the statement, most of those arrested were Syrians, aside from nine Lebanese and one Palestinian.

“During the raids, our forces seized a number of weapons, including rocket launchers and communications equipment used for military purposes.”  

Meanwhile, Lebanese security sources reported the arrest of a weapon smuggler near the border town of Arsal on Thursday morning.

“He is suspected to have smuggled arms to the Islamist militants who attacked Lebanese army forces in Trpoli,” security sources told local media.  

At least 11 Lebanese soldiers, eight civilians and 22 extremist militants were killed during the battles with Islamists last week.


Reporting by: Salman Mohammed

Source: ARA News

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