PKK vows to resume fight in Turkey

Kurdish fighters of the PKK. File photo

ARA News

Istanbul, Turkey – The Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) threatened to resume “armed struggle” in Turkey if the Turkish authorities continue “watching” the situation in the border city of Kobane without taking action.

Jamil Baik, a senior PKK official, vowed to reactivate  the Kurdish guerellas in Turkey if the Turkish government remains silent on the ongoing attacks of militants of the Islamic State (IS/ISIS) against the Syrian Kurdish city of Kobane at the Turkish border.

“We warned Turkey not to proceed with this policy, and emphasized our ability to resume the armed struggle for defending our people,” the PKK official told Le Mond.

“We suffice now sending our fighters from Qandil Mountain in the far north of Iraq to Turkey,” he added.

The imprisoned PKK leader, Abdullah Ocalan, threatened in remarks leaked from prison to end the peace process with Turkey if it did not take action to save Kobane before the end of this month.

These developments came at a time when the peace process between the Kurds and the Turkish government has stagnated because of the Turkish government’s reluctance to help the Kurdish fighters trapped in the city of Kobane and fighting against the Islamic State group, which is trying to control the city for nearly a month.

Moreover, a wave of massive protests had taken place across the Turkish cities with a Kurdish-majority, coupled with acts of “sabotage and breach of security” leading to clashes between Turkish police and protesters, resulting in the death and injury of dozens.


Reporting by: Mohammed al-Shami

Source: ARA News

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