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Damascus, Syria – The Al-Nusra Front (al-Qaeda branch in Syria) issued a statement vowing to the Lebanese authorities to execute the Lebanese soldier Ali al-Barzal, who was captured by al-Nusra insurgents weeks ago.

The Al-Nusra Front also threatened to storm the city of Tripoli, where the Lebanese army is battling Islamist groups. 

The statement, which was released on Monday, demanded the Lebanese authorities meet with leaders of al-Nusra in order to resolve the crisis between the army and Sunni insurgents (believed to have links with al-Nusra) in Tripoli. 

“We will show no mercy to the hostages if the sectarian conflict continues in Lebanon,” the statement read. 

The Al-Nusra group also vowed to execute George Khoury, a Christian Lebanese soldier held in custody by the Front. 

“We call on the Sunni clerics in Lebanon to raise their voice and support their brothers (Sunni insurgents) in Tripoli, otherwise there will be dire consequences,” the al-Nusra leadership said.

On Sunday, as support for Tripoli’s Sunnis, militants of the al-Nusra Front launched Grad rockets on the town of al-Labwa in the Bekaa Valley of Lebanon, targeting headquarters of the Lebanese Shiite militia of Hezbollah. 

In the interim, a number of Syrian and Lebanese activists launched an initiative to stop the kidnapping and murdering the Lebanese soldiers or any citizens, which increases tension between the Syrians and the Lebanese.


Reporting by: Adel Hassan

Source: ARA News

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