Former prisoner reveals “horrors” of ISIS detention

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Suruc, Turkey – “I don’t wish my enemies to suffer the same as I did. It was a terrible experience indeed,” one of Kobane’s residents who was recently released from detention by the Islamic State group (IS/ISIS) told ARA News in an exclusive interview.

The freed person, on the condition of anonymity, said that he is not concerned about his life, but for the safety of his relatives who are still held in detention by the IS radical group. 

“My detained family members will face inevitable reprisals if I disclosed my identity to the media,” he said.

Why did ISIS kidnap me?

“IS militants arrested me near the Qara Qozak Bridge about four months ago, while I was heading to the city of Manbij to purchase equipment for my work which is not available in Kobane due to the blockade,” the former prisoner began his story.

“They (IS) were suspicious of me, then accused me of spying on behalf of the People’s Protection Units (YPG). When I denied their charges, they began beating me severely and then tied my feet and dragged me behind a car for about 100 meters,” he said.

The former prisoner pointed out that signs of the wounds he suffered from the dragging are still visible on his body, despite the passage of months on the incident.

“Then they took me to their headquarters in the town of Serrin. Days later, I was transferred to another prison in Manbij, where I spent the rest of my detention,” he told ARA News.

Threat of Beheading  

A. A. continued his story saying that the hardest moments he passed ever were in the IS detention center.

“Every violation of an order, or any error whatsoever, requires the threat of the so-called ‘the Square’, a public place where the group cuts off the heads of those whom it classifies as enemies,” he said.

Speaking to ARA News about the horror of that experience, he mentioned witnessing some fellow prisoners pulled out to the “Square”, followed by some of their belongings being returned to the cell by the insurgents, “which was an indicator of them being beheaded”. 

“Learn about True Islam” 

The released man received intense religious lessons during that period, as the IS militants told him he’s not here because he’s guilty, but to enlighten him of his religion. 

“They teach you and force you to apply Sharia against your will. Sharia designed and implemented by them. A religion which suits their brutal and suppressive measures,” he told ARA News.

“We will control Kobane, even if it remains ruins and stones,” he quoted one of the militants as saying.

“We are coming to you, infidels, you Kurds,” IS militants were always chanting these words, according to the former prisoner. 

Subsequent to 100 days of detention in the prisons of the extremist group of Islamic State, the former Kurdish prisoner is now living among his family and friends who left their embattled hometown of Kobane seeking shelter in Turkey. 


Reporting by: Jan Ali

Source: ARA News

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