Syrian rebels advance towards Damascus

Syrian rebels advance in Hama province following clashes with pro-Assad military forces. File photo

ARA News

Daraa, Syria – At least 20 civilians were killed and dozens others were injured Sunday, due to an aerial bombardment carried out by the pro-regime warplanes on the city of Jassem in Daraa province, southern Syria, locals reported.

Speaking to ARA News in Daraa, civil rights activist Haitham Nassar said that pro-Assad warplanes launched two raids on the residential buildings in the city, causing the death of 20 civilians, including women and children, while dozens others were wounded.

“The injured were transferred to nearby field hospitals, while critical cases were moved to the Jordanian hospitals.” 

Activists in Jassem launched distress calls because of the severe shortage of medical equipment in the field hospitals in the vicinity of Jassem, which were reportedly unable to treat the injured.

In the meantime, civil rights activist Mohammed al-Hassan told ARA News in Daraa that one civilian was killed and several others wounded Sunday afternoon, due to an aerial bombardment by pro-Assad warplanes and helicopters on the city of Tafas in Daraa suburb.

Also on Sunday, the city of Nawa in the countryside of Daraa was exposed to six air strikes by the pro-regime warplanes and helicopters.

“Nawa’s bombings resulted in the injury of a number of civilians, coinciding with the regime’s artillery shelling on the city of Inkhil in the countryside of Daraa, launched from the regime-held military branch of ‘Brigade 15’, without cording casualties,” he told ARA News.

Meanwhile, clashes broke out in the vicinity of Dara al-Balad district in the city of Daraa between pro-regime forces and opposition fighters of the Free Syrian Army (FSA).

“The regime’s air force dropped several barrel bombs on the city’s neighborhoods.”

The situation escalated in Daraa after the FSA fighters and allied Islamic battalions advanced in areas near the capital Damascus.


Reporting by: Ahmed Hammad

Source: ARA News

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