Turkish authorities expel dozens of Syrian Kurds

Displaced Kurdish civilians in Artakia camp, southern Turkey, after escaping war-torn Kobane. Photo: ARA News

ARA News

Suruc, Turkey – On Sunday, the alderman of the Turkish city of Meraş issued a decision to expel 150 Kurdish civilians displaced from the embattled city of Kobane and personally supervised the deportation process.

Expulsion incidents against the displaced people of Kobane have been repeated by the Turkish authorities in many cities for “unknown reasons”, according to the displaced. 

Adnan Sofi Silo, a resident who was displaced from Kobane, told ARA News that the Turkish police, under the personal supervision of the Meraş alderman, transferred the displaced to the city of Suruc, leaving them out in the open in front of the municipality of Suruc.

Silo also pointed out that the Turkish police confiscated the identities from a group of the displaced people, mostly women, children and elderly.

“These people were granted identities of asylum by the Turkish authorities when they were forcibly displaced under the brutal offensive of the Islamic State (IS/ISIS) against the city of Kobane nearly three months ago,” Silo said.

On the other hand, the Syrian journalist Mohammed Saad, based in Istanbul, told ARA News that despite the fact that the population of the Turkish state of Meraş is primarily of Kurdish origin, there is a substantial number of the Alawite sect who are known for their support of the regime of Bashar al-Assad in neighboring Syria.

Noteworthy, the Turkish authorities have already expelled dozens of displaced families from Kobane and from some of the Turkish touristic cities, such as Antalya on the Mediterranean coast. 


Reporting by: Mohammed Ali Ahmed

Source: ARA News

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