Assad’s public appearances, Damascus regime still powerful

Syrian President visiting soldiers in conflicted district of Jobar, Damascus, Dec.31,2014. SANA

ARA News

Damascus, Syria – After making a public appearance in the conflicted district of Jobar days ago, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has reportedly prayed at a mosque in the capital Damascus on Sunday. 

Sitting in the front row, Assad joined men praying at Al-Afram mosque to celebrate the Prophet Mohammad’s birthday, according to a footage broadcast by the Syrian state TV. .

Since the start of the nearly four-year-crisis, Assad has made only occasional public appearances.

Recently, the Syrian President made several appearances, including a visit to the district of Jobar in Damascus on December 31, saying he wanted to join his loyal soldiers who have left their families to protect the Syrian capital. 

Assad has also joined prayers on the occasion of Eid in October in Damascus. 

According to opposition activists, the Syrian president tends to show his regime’s power on the ground by making such appearances. 


Reporting by: Laila Majdalawi 

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