Human tragedy in Syria requires more attention: UOSSM

A medic examines a Kurdish Syrian refugee child inside a temporary medical facility for children on the Turkish-Syrian border. File photo

ARA News

Damascus, Syria – A Syrian medical team called upon Western states to ease the suffering of civilians in Syria instead of focusing too much on combating the IS militant group.

The Union of Syrian Medical Relief Organisations (UOSSM) criticized the position of the West towards the situation in Syria, saying that the increasing focus on combatting the Islamic State made the world forget about the daily suffering of Syrian civilians.

According to the UOSSM, Syrians are in urgent need of medical supplies, saying there should be a stricter position towards the continuous airstrikes by pro-Assad forces against civilians in different areas across Syria. 

“Between 30 to 60 people are dying each day since the bombardment started,” said Tawfik Shamaa, spokesman for the Union of Syrian Medical Relief Organisations (UOSSM), a non-governmental association that brings together 14 groups.

“There is only talk of extremism and Islamic State, but not of the women and children who are killed, the bodies torn apart, the stomachs blown open, which is what we doctors are dealing with each day,” Shamaa told Reuters. 

About a dozen doctors are reportedly operating in Syria for UOSSM, including areas besieged by regime forces in Damascus suburb, Aleppo, and Raqqa. 

In the IS-held Syrian city of Raqqa, around 1.6 million people live, suffering shortage of basic medical supplies.

“We are allowed to work there, but we have no support from NGOs and services are limited. There are no obstetrics, gynaecology or pediatrics services,” one of the doctors in the city told reporters on Tuesday. 


Reporting by: Laila Majdalawi 

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