Iran supports forces in Yemen, Syria and Iraq: official

Iranian soldiers during military parade in Tehran. File photo: AFP

ARA News

Istanbul, Turkey – Deputy Commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Gen. Hossein Salami said that popular armies linked to the so-called “Iranian Islamic Revolution” are now present in Iraq, Syria and Yemen. 

“By now, Iraq has an army composed of prized youth, fighting with a belief in the Islamic Revolution,” the Iranian state news agency of Fares quoted Salami as saying. 

Salami also referred to the Syrian pro-Assad army, saying they’ve shown their loyalty to the Iranian Islamic Revolution. 

“Ansar Jund Allah, followers of the Houthis in Yemen, are also inspired by the concepts of the Islamic Republic of Iran,” Salami said, adding that several Palestinian jihadist groups are fighting against the “Zionist enemy” (in reference to the state of Israel).

Additionally, the head of the Iranian parliament, Ali Larijani, said that Iran is now able to form a deterrent force capable of facing all kinds of challenges. 

The Iranian statements come after western security officials and Syrian opposition members revealed that Iran has worked since the onset of the crisis in Syria to establish the so-called “Syrian Hezbollah” to gain control in Syria caused by the deteriorating security situation and the vacuum caused by the withdrawal of pro-Assad military forces in several areas across the war-torn country. 

Syrian opposition reported last week that the Syrian regime seeks to grant Syrian citizenship to Iranians and Iraqi Shiites that support the regime in its war against opposition forces. 


Reporting by: Mohamed Nasser

Source: ARA News

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