Iran executes young Kurdish activist

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Qamishli, Syria – The Iranian authorities executed Friday the Kurdish political activist Saman Nesim in the jail of the city of Urmia, in western Iran, on charges of participating in armed activities of the Party of Free Life of Kurdistan against the Iranian government. 

In the meantime, the Kurdish Democratic Party in Syria (KDP-S) released a statement, of which ARA News received a copy, stating that the 17-year-old Kurdish activist was exposed to severe torture in detention before being executed.

“His fingerprints were forcibly put on investigation papers, his fingernails were brutally removed during interrogations, and he was severely beaten,” the statement added. 

“Traces of torture were found on his back and face.” 

“Nesim (the victim) was denied the right to have a lawyer during his detention, so he was baselessly convicted under duress,” the KDP’s statement read. 

Speaking to ARA News on the phone, Sennacherib Barsoum, head of the Human Rights Commission in al-Jazeera Region, said that despite all appeals to Iran by the international community and human rights organizations requesting the release of  the peaceful activist, the Iranian authorities continue its violations of the basic principles of human rights. 

“Iran is violating all international conventions of human rights, and the execution of the young activist Saman Nesim is an indication of the Iranian repression and its killing machine of innocents,” Barsoum said. 

“Such repressive practices are condemned. Iran should be aware that all these activities are being registered and kept in records to be brought to justice soon.” 

The United Nations representative in Iran, Ahmed Shaheed, had demanded Wednesday that the Iranian authorities suspend the execution decision and release the young activist, but received no response.


Reporting by: Dilshad Muhammad 

Source: ARA News

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