ISIS punishes civilians amid military losses

ARA News

Gaziantep, Turkey – On Thursday, extremists of the Islamic State (IS/ISIL) whipped nine elderly people in the village of Qibba Shekh in al-Bab area in the province of Aleppo, northern Syria, on charges of having sons fighting in the ranks of Syrian rebel factions. 

A 60-year-old man, who was whipped in public by IS militants, told ARA News (under condition of anonymity): “Several IS militants arrested me and took me to the village’s public square, then hit me with fifty lashes.”

“They punished me because my son is fighting in the ranks of Ahrar al-Sham Brigade (linked to the Free Syrian Army “FSA”),” he said. “I saw other nine men gathered for the same reason.” 

Speaking to ARA News, the wife of a whipped man said that the radical group has kept her husband lying on the ground for an hour after whipping him with fifty lashes.

“I saw blood covering his back. I was so helpless and could do nothing for him,” she said. 

In a related development, activist Abdel Qader Shihab from al-Bab told ARA News that the power of IS has remarkably declined in the recent weeks. 

“The group is trying to compensate its losses in other areas by showing an increasing degree of brutality against civilians in al-Bab,” Shihab said. 

He added that the IS insurgents are launching arrest campaigns against the youth of the city without any specific reasons. 


Reporting by: Beri Mohammed

Source: ARA News

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