Syrian warplanes attack residential areas in Damascus, casualties reported

More Syrians fall victims to barrel bombs. File photo

ARA News

Damascus, Syria – Five civilians were killed and dozens others injured due to aerial bombardment launched by the pro-regime warplanes in the eastern Ghouta of Damascus countryside, in southern Syria, local sources reported on Monday. 

Speaking to ARA News in Damascus, civil rights activist Mazen Assaf said that the pro-Assad military air forces targeted residential buildings in the city with several air raids, killing five civilians and wounding dozens others, including women and children.

“The injured were transferred to field hospitals in the city, while members of the Civil Defense continue making effort to pull a number of trapped victims from under the rubble,” Assaf added. 

Assaf pointed out that the pro-regime helicopters targeted the town of Darayya in the western Ghouta with several barrel bombs, while rebels of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) targeted units of the pro-Assad forces in the Tadamun neighborhood, in Nisreen Street, in the capital Damascus. Casualties were reported on both sides.

In other developments, activists published online what they described as the intentions of the FSA-linked faction of Army of Islam to intensify rocket attacks on locations of pro-Assad forces within the city of Damascus, in response to the rocket campaign targeting several neighborhoods of the capital resulting in casualties among civilians.

This comes one day after the announcement of the FSA-linked rebels of the Unified Sham Front (USF) of launching similar bombings on the pro-regime forces’ positions in the city.

The USF’s attack on the capital led to the death of eight members in the ranks of the pro-Assad militias in Nisreen Street in the Tadamun neighborhood on Sunday, following a USF-launched mortar attack on their positions.


Reporting by: Jawad al-Ali

Source: ARA News

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