Flames engulf homes of Syrian refugees in Domiz Camp northern Iraq

Patients at the MSF health clinic in the Domiz refugee camp in northeast Iraq. File photo

ARA News

Erbil, Kurdistan Region – On Wednesday, at least two refugees were injured when flames engulfed several mobile homes in the Domiz Camp for Syrian refugees in the Dohuk province of Iraqi Kurdistan.

Speaking to ARA News, Azad Abdul Karim, a Syrian Kurdish refugee whose mobile home was burnt, said that an electrical defect took place in one of the neighboring homes in the camp.

“The fire spread to other mobile homes very quickly, causing a state of panic among the refugees,” he said.

“I got the kids out of the mobile home and helped to evacuate the neighbors,” he said. “We were able to isolate the fire after it had already engulfed six homes in a row,” Abdul Karim added.

“The fire led to the injury of two people as well as material damage.”

Mohamed Jawhar, member of the administrate bureau in Domiz Camp, told ARA News: “We will try to help those whose mobile homes were burnt as soon as possible. The administration of the camp will provide them with new furniture and compensate them for the damage.” 

“The refugees must be aware of the danger of keeping household heaters in their tents, because heaters are the main reason behind such accidents,” Jawhar added.

Over the last four years, Syrian refugees within refugee camps in neighboring countries have previously faced the crisis of the sudden burning of tents and mobile homes. Two days before the incident in Domiz, the Zaatari Camp for Syrian refugees in Jordan experienced a similar fire that caused the death of four refugees from one family.


Reporting by: Diyar Haji

Source: ARA News

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