ISIS arrests 200 civilians in Mosul, confiscates their property

ISIS militants in Mosul. File photo

ARA News

Erbil, Kurdistan Region – On Sunday the Islamic State group (IS/ISIS) arrested more than 200 people in the city of Mosul, in northern Iraq, including Kurdish civilians, under multiple pretexts: such as having family members in the government army or the police or the Peshmerga forces, or in some cases for their disloyalty to the “Caliphate”.

Civilian sources in Mosul indicated that the extremists also began arresting Islamic clerics who refused the instructions of the radical group. 

“Kurds are being expelled from Mosul under the pretext of cooperation with the Peshmerga,” an activist told ARA News on condition of anonymity.

“The private property of the detainees has been seized by the group,” the source added.  

Speaking to ARA News, Nouri al-Khalil, a newly displaced man from Mosul, said that nearly 150 Kurdish families were seen fleeing Mosul over the last few days. They were able to escape through the Wana area. 

“Many locals in Mosul are backing IS militants by providing them with intelligence information about civilians in the city,” al-Khalil said.

“It seems those supportive locals are receiving portions of the cars, houses and shops confiscated by the group,” he added.

The preparations made by the U.S.-led coalition, the Iraqi government and the Peshmerga forces for the battle of Mosul is the main reason behind arresting a huge numbers of civilians, who might be later used as human shields by the group in the war against opponents. According to locals IS fears those suspects have links to or may assist the joint Iraqi coalition forces who intend to regain Mosul.


Reporting by: Sarbaz Yusuf

Source: ARA News

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