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Gaziantep, Turkey – On Saturday, militants of the Islamic State group (IS/ISIL) whipped a young man to death in a public square in the city of Raqqa, northeastern Syria.

Speaking to ARA News, Muslim Amin, an eyewitness, confirmed that IS militants arrested a young man on Saturday morning and led him to their headquarters.

“In the afternoon, they placed him in the city’s public square and whipped him for more than an hour in front of dozens of people,” Amin reported.

Muslim pointed out that the militants were taking rounds on whipping the victim until he lost his life.

“Nobody knew the reason for the arrest and punishment,” he said. 

“We could not find out the reason behind the victim’s arrest. There was no reason but terrorizing the people to prove that the group still has power,” Bashir Mustafa, a teacher in the city of Raqqa, stated to ARA News.

“The victim was my student at the high school, and I bear witness that he had high morals,” Mustafa said, pointing out that he was from a very poor family.


Reporting by: Beri Ali

Source: ARA News

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