ISIS militants storm civilians’ houses in Raqqa

ARA News

Raqqa, Turkey – Militants of the Islamic State stormed several houses in the city of Raqqa, northeast Syria, under the pretext of looking for opposition activists. 

Speaking to ARA News in Raqqa, civil rights activist Mahmoud Ismail said that some IS militants broke into houses of civil activists on Sunday, and arrested dozens.

“Female members of the radical group assisted their fellows in searching women’s rooms during the campaign,” the source added.

Rabiaa Saeed, 52, told ARA News that when the militants searched her house, they argued that the campaign was for the sake of preserving civilians’ security in the city.

“They stressed that some spies were helping their enemies with sensitive information, but said they would soon capture them and bring them to justice. That’s how the group justified its harsh campaign of storming peaceful homes,” she said. 

Mansour Baqir, a lawyer from Raqqa, commented: “The radical group should stop abusing civilians this way. They break into houses and terrorize innocent people.” 


Reporting by: Alaa Mohammed

Source: ARA News

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