Islamic State challenges Iraqi Kurdistan by beheading Peshmerga hostages

A Kurdish-speaking IS member addresses the camera before executing a peshmerga fighter

ARA News

Erbil, Kurdistan Region The Islamic State group (IS/ISIS) released a new video showing three fighters from the Kurdish Peshmerga forces executed by IS militants in the city of Mosul, in northern Iraq, pro-IS media sources reported.

The IS-linked Media Office of Nineveh state showed a group of wounded civilians in the footage saying that “they were wounded as a result of the recent artillery bombing by the Peshmerga forces.”

“A state of alert spread in the IS-held hospital,” one of them added.

Three IS insurgents, speaking fluent Kurdish language with Sorani dialect, threatened the leadership of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq for their involvement in the war on the Islamic State.

In addition, three prisoners dressed in orange, described by the group as “Kurdish combatants”, knelt near a shell that landed in one of the streets of Mosul’s neighborhoods, were told by IS militants “this is what you are slaughtered for!”

The radical group threatened in the same tape that other Kurdish fighters would be executed if the Kurdish leaders continued to support the United States and Iran in their attack on the “Sunni” areas. This was followed up with some Quranic verses.

Speaking to ARA News in Erbil, Kurdish politician and writer Tawfiq Abdel Majid commented on the incident saying that all religions and laws ban killing prisoners, “how does this terrorist organization commits such atrocities and claims that it is representing Islam?”

“The Peshmerga’s ethics doesn’t allow killing civilians, and our forces are quite committed to the principle of preserving civilian peace and defending innocent civilians against the brutality of those terrorists,” he said. “While the terrorist group of Daesh (IS) has committed many atrocities, and has imposed a curfew on the residents of Mosul, preventing them from leaving the city under any circumstances.” 

Majid pointed out that the horrific messages and threats made by the group’s militants in the video tape “will not deter the Peshmerga fighters from defending the people of Kurdistan “including Kurds, Arabs, Christians and other minorities”. 

Speaking to ARA News, Kurdish journalist Farouk Mustafa Haji said: “The Islamists’ threats to the leaders of the Kurdistan Region are not new. What’s happening today is the sequel of fighting the Kurdish civil nationalist leaders since the nineties of the last century.

Haji added that the Kurdish national autonomy, which was threatened by Islamists. “The involvement of Islamists in fighting against the Kurdish legitimate rights has been documented in the last two decades, and the IS group is a mere extension to the previous radical Islamist movements that failed to threaten the civil peace in Kurdish areas.” 

“President Massoud Barzani and the leaders of the Kurdistan Patriotic Union in Iraqi Kurdistan were targeted several times by Islamists in the recent years. Sami Abdul Rahman and Adnan Mufti along with other Kurdish figures were martyred at the hands of Islamists in the 2000s,” Haji told ARA News.

“Islamic State’s radicals targeted earlier the Ministry of Interior Affairs of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG). This group cannot justify its black treachery towards the Kurdish leaders, and to the Kurdistan region and its capital, Hewler (Erbil), which has been among the first cities to hold the celebration the Islamic Prophet’s holy birthday,” Mustafa told ARA News.

“The Kurdish forces will defeat IS, as they’s done before against the terrorist groups of Ansar Allah and Jund Allah and other radical groups,” he added.

Noteworthy, a number of Peshmerga fighters are still held captives by the IS radical group in the district of Hawijah of Kirkuk in northern Iraq, where the group threatened to behead them. Kurdistan’s local media identified the recently executed Peshmerga fighters as Hisham Nabil Khurshid, Bashtawan Osman Rasul and Rizgar Mohammed Saleh.


Reporting by: Sarbaz Yusuf and Ziwer Osman

Source: ARA News

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