Islamic State militants behead two Syrian men for “leaving hometown without permission”

ARA News

Gaziantep, Turkey – Militants of the Islamic State (IS/ISIS) executed Wednesday two men in the village of Qaar Kalbin near the city of al-Bab, in northern Syria, after trying to flee the village, locals reported. 

Speaking to ARA News in the village of Qaar Kalbin, Ahmed Mustafa, 28, said that the Islamic State insurgents executed two civilians on charges of trying to leave the village without official permission from the group.

“They were arrested while trying to flee and were then taken to the village’s square where they were brutally beheaded in front of a crowed of villagers,” he added.

“The hardline group explained to the villagers that this will be the fate of anyone who leaves without having  official permission from the group’s headquarter,” the source said. 

“They hung the victims’ heads in the village square, causing a state of panic among the villagers.”

“During the past two weeks, the two victims were reviewing IS-run centers to recitve permission, but the group banned them from leaving the village,” Mustafa told ARA News.

“The two men insisted on going out, they need to work to help their parents.”

A doctor from the village stated to ARA News (under the condition of anonymity), saying: “We are now afraid of the walls, we cannot do anything without the group’s permission, not even utter a word.” 

“These terrorists oblige me treat their patients and wounded at any hour of the day,” he added. “I cannot refuse, because they would simply execute me.”


Reporting by: Beri Ali

Source: ARA News

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