Pro-Assad forces target civilian cars near Turkish border

ARA News

Gaziantep, Turkey – On Tuesday, pro-Assad military forces reportedly targeted with thermal rockets civilian cars which were carrying displaced families near the Turkish border.

Dozens of casualties were reported, including children. 

Civil rights activist Ghias Ali told ARA News that the regime’s warplanes try to prevent displaced civilians from crossing into Turkey by targeting their vehicles near the borderline. 

While fleeing to the Turkish territory, the villagers are also facing vigorous difficulties due to the ongoing clashes between rebels of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and al-Nusra Front (Syria’s branch of al-Qaeda) in the countryside of Aleppo in northern Syria. 

Speaking to ARA News, Talib Ismail from the village of Maarat Nasan said that he has been trying to move his family out of the war-torn village for a few days without success.

“The roads are closed due to the thermal rockets launched by Syrian warplanes,” he said, pointing out that the only road open is through Afrin area, “which we cannot cross because of the security checkpoint by different armed forces.”

“Severe shortages of food hit the village (Maarat Nasan) over the last few days due to the closed roads. People can hardly survive under such conditions,” Ismail added.

Syrian lawyer Sadiq Jamal talked to ARA News in the village of Kevin in the Aleppo countryside, describing the regime’s use of thermal rockets against civilian vehicles as a “war crime”.

“Such rockets claim lives of dozens in every attack,” he said. 


Reporting by: Beri Mohammed

Source: ARA News

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