Turkey allocates hospital to treat injured militants of Islamic State


ARA News

Gaziantep, Turkey – The Turkish government has allocated the Surgical Hospital of Denzli in the state of Gaziantep to receive and treat the wounded fighters of the Islamic State’s (IS/ISIS), the governor of told local media on Thursday.

Speaking to the Turkish newspaper Suzcuk, the governor pointed out that the IS leading member Emrah Ismail, who was fighting against the joint Kurdish forces in the city of Kobane (Ain al-Arab), in northern Syria, now receives treatment in the same hospital.

“His (IS leading member) leg was injured during clashes against the Kurdish forces, so he was transferred to Turkish territory and then to the hospital of Denzli,” the governor said.

Commenting on this statement, the Turkish journalist and opposition activis, Ayhan Sidat stated to ARA News: “Since the emergence of the so-called Islamic State, the Turkish government started to confidentially establish hospitals for the group’s militants in Turkey.”

“Now, the Turkish government declares this mutual relationship (between them and jihadists) officially,” he added, pointing that the Turkish authorities have allocated the Jarablus border crossing in Syria’s north for the movement of the militants “to import ../../../2015_2F03_2Fturkey-allocates-hospital-to-treat-injured-militants-of-islamic-state_2F/weapons to Syria as well as transfer the wounded militants.__8221.css; 

“When the Turkish government was unable to provide the IS terrorists in Kobane with any support, it helped the militants to bomb the crossing for logistical reasons,” Sidat added.

“Turkey turned into a safe haven for IS militants.”  

Noteworthy, Denzli Hospital was previously a governmental hospital, but the Turkish government has allocated it for the wounded insurgents, transferring the government hospital to another building, according to the Turkish newspaper Suzcuk


Reporting by: Beri Ali 

Source: ARA News

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