ISIS obliges Syrians to destroy tombstones

Residents of Shaddadi removing tombstones after receiving orders from ISIS leadership in northeastern Syria

ARA News

Erbil, Kurdistan Region – On Thursday the Islamic State group (IS/ISIS) ordered civilians in the city of Shaddadi in southern Hasakah to demolish the tombstones of the graves of their relatives, threatening that otherwise they would be held accountable and open to strict punishment if the orders were refused.

According to pro-IS media sources, the radical group demanded the people of the villages in the vicinity of the city of Shaddadi raze the graves of their family members by destroying tombstones during a period of no more than one week beginning Thursday, pointing out that the graves would be removed by heavy military vehicles in case of non-compliance with orders. “The violators will be severely punished.”

Pro-IS media sources published photographs of civilians in the countryside of Shaddadi demolishing tombstones of a number of graves belonging to their family members.

Speaking to ARA News, Abu Rakan, a media activist based in Shaddadi countryside, said that the group has issued “a bunch of new regulations and orders this week”.

“The group invents new regulations under the pretext of reinforcing Islamic teachings. Most of these orders are merely aimed at showing the power of the group over civilians in Shaddadi,” he said.

“Even certain meals and medications are prevented. The radical group is tightening its grip over the people’s lives,” Abu Rakan told ARA News. 

The city of Shaddadi (60 km south of Hasakah) is the major IS stronghold in the southern countryside of Hasakah province in northeastern Syria. The city has been under the control of the group for nearly two years. 


Reporting by: Sarbaz Yousef

Source: ARA News

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