ISIS tortures Syrian children for “playing instead of praying”

ARA News

Aleppo, Syria ــ Local sources reported that on Tuesday, militants of the Islamic State group (IS/ISIS) reportedly tortured two 9-year-old boys in the city of Jarablus, in the eastern countryside of Aleppo province, northern Syria.

Speaking to ARA News in Jarablus, M.A., an opposition activist, said (on the condition of anonymity) that while worshipers were leaving one of the city’s mosques after performing their prayer, they observed three IS militants brutally beating two Syrian children. 

“They were playing in front of the mosque and did not enter for praying,” said one of the IS members when people asked about the reason behind torturing the two boys. 

The source added that the two victims were beaten barbarically by IS jihadists, pointing out that a similar case was repeated when IS members beat another child in Jarablus earlier this week.

“He fled with his family from the city of Hama,” M.A. said. “We could not know the reason behind their brutal behavior against the child.” 

Speaking to ARA News in Aleppo, Kurdish journalist Mohamed Saleh refused the prevalent analysis which implies that the IS militants’ brutality against women and children stems from some jihadist mentality. 

“Well, many incidents took place in the IS-held city of al-Bab near Aleppo and proved that many IS militants have nothing to do with religion and jihad. They only implement orders of their extremist leaders in their areas of control and sometimes they exceed the orders themselves,” he argued.

“Therefore, lots of violations committed against minors and women are based on the personal behavior of the IS-linked thugs,” Saleh told ARA News.

The Islamic State has escalated its unfair practices against the people of Jarablus city recently, particularly after they returned to their houses following their displacement fearing fighting between the radical group and the Kurdish joint forces that are approaching the city.


Reporting by: Beri Mohammed

Source: ARA News

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