Islamic State executes Syrian soldier, threatens to storm Assad’s hometown

ISIS militants drag the executed Syrian soldier near Homs

ARA News

Erbil, Kurdistan Region – The Islamic State group (IS/ISIS) in “the state of Homs” (Homs province), in central Syria, released a video showing the execution of a pro-Syrian regime soldier.

The soldier was shot several times by a woman whose husband “was killed by pro-regime forces”, according to an IS militant who spoke to the camera addressing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. 

The IS group, which claimed the woman was avenging the death of her husband, vowed to Syrian president Bashar al-Assad that it would attack his hometown of Qardaha.

Opposition activists identified the woman as the wife of, Samer Mohammed al-Ahmed from the city of Homs, who was arrested at a regime-held checkpoint near the al-Mahjura Brigade in Homs in the T4 area.

“This regime-led brigade is the main shield to protect the T4 airport and deter the IS attacks in the region.”

In the video, a masked IS militant appears while standing next to a blind-folded and kneeling soldier, vowing to the Assad regime and saying: “Oh enemy of God, Assad, his cronies and soldiers, I swear that we will not let it go; if you kill one of us, we will kill thousands of your soldiers.”

Although on woman appeared in the video, the masked IS member said: “The sister, whose husband was killed at the hands of this criminal soldier, will implement the death sentence and kill him now.

Activists doubted whether the soldier was really behind the murder of her husband.

The victim was then paraded after being dragged behind a car, according to the video.

Commenting on the incident, Syrian journalist Hashem al-Abdullah stated to ARA News that both the IS radicals and the regime share the same brutal practices.

“The ugliness and horror of the Syrian regime and the illegitimate use of its army is only an upgraded version of those crimes committed by the IS group; they both reflect the most brutal practices known in the 21st century,” he argued.

Over the past four years, IS jihadists have killed soldiers and civilians in various parts of Syria, utilizing field executions to terrorize. The pro-regime forces have also tortured, killed, and bombed civilians across the war-torn country.


Reporting by: Sarbaz Yousef

Source: ARA News

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