Syrian regime violates U.N. resolution by using chemical weapons 87 times

UN investigation team take samples from sand to test for a chemical attack in Syria. File photo

ARA News

Istanbul, Turkey – Syrian human rights activists documented 87 violations by the Syrian regime to the U.N. Security Council’s resolutions banning the use of chemical weapons.

In a report issued on Sunday, the Syrian Network for Human Rights confirmed that the Syrian regime used weapons containing toxic chemicals in its war against the opposition, which is a clear violation of Resolution 2118 of the U.N. Security Council.

The report said that the Syrian regime forces has used chemical weapons 87 times since September 27, 2013, the date of the adoption of resolution number “2118”. The report said that 59 violations took place in 2014, and 28 others since the beginning of 2015.

The chemical attacks by the Syrian regime’s army caused the death of 58 people from suffocation by toxic gases, including 23 civilians (among them, 11 children and 5 women.) The attacks also caused the death of seven members of the pro-regime forces who were imprisoned by the opposition fighters. 

The period from March 22, 2015, to the moment of issuing this report, saw an increasing number of attacks with an average of nine attacks, six of which were on Idlib province in northwestern Syria, which is primarily outside the control of the Syrian regime forces.

The report stressed that these attacks violate the international humanitarian conventions that ban the use of such weapons, considering it a war crime. Additionally, these chemical attacks may reach the degree of crimes against humanity according to Article VII of the Charter of the Rome Statute, especially when systematically conducted. 

In March, 2014, the Syrian regime dropped barrel bombs containing chemical agents on the city of Sarmin in Idlib province, which claimed the lives of six people from one family, including three children under the age of ten, all of whom died by asphyxiation.


Reporting by: Mohammed Nasser

Source: ARA News

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