Turkish border guards accused of violations against displaced Syrians

Turkish soldiers guard the Syrian-Turkish border near Sanliurfa, where controls have recently been tightened. Photo: Sedat Suna/EPA

ARA News

Afrin, Syria – The Monitoring and Documentation Committee of the Human Rights Commission in Afrin Canton (established by the Auto-Administration) in the province of Aleppo, northern Syria, announced that they documented 16 assault cases committed against civilians by the Turkish border guards.

The committee released a report saying they had documented violations at the Turkish border-line near the villages in Sharra area last week. 

“These people were either shot dead or exposed to mine explosions,” reported the committee.

The committee said that 16 civilians had been assaulted on the border, 11 of whom were shot by the Turkish soldiers, especially in the village of Deir Soran where five civilians were killed, including a woman.

ARA News published several reports of killing Syrian civilians killed by Turkish border guards; the last victim was Nariman Mustafa, who was shot in the head near the border.

“Regarding the mine explosions, we documented five cases in the Sharra area on the border with Turkey,” the Human Rights Commission in Afrin added.

Added in its report, is the fact that many Syrians have been exposed to torture by the Turkish soldiers when crossing the border.

Noteworthy, dozens of Syrian civilians were killed during their passage into the Turkish territory adjacent to the areas with Kurdish majority due to the closure of the official crossings in those areas between Syria and Turkey.


Reporting by: Jiwan Saman

Source: ARA News

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