Turkish police arrest Syrian street vendors in Gaziantep

Ahmed, a Syrian boy who works as a street vendor in Gaziantep to assist his family in Syria. File photo AJz

ARA News

Gaziantep, Turkey – Security sources reported that on Monday the Turkish authorities arrested dozens of Syrian children who used to wander the streets as vendors in the city of Gaziantep, south of the country.

The Turkish newspaper Suzcuk quoted security personnel saying that the campaign of arrests was aimed at “restoring order in the city and preventing the irregular labour that affects the city’s image”. 

In the meantime, local media outlets criticized the arrest of the Syrian refugee children, saying that the authorities haven’t taken such measures towards Turkish street vendors or beggars, thereby considering the campaign a form of discrimination against Syrian refugees who suffer from a severe shortage of resources in neighboring countries like Turkey.  

Turkish journalist Fawzi Cetin stated to ARA News that the Turkish police have put more restrictions on the movement of Syrians, particularly children, who used to frequent detention centers.

“The Turkish government began preparing for the International Children’s Day, as Turkey is considered one of those countries that looks after children, “but with this act, the Turkish authorities have behaved dishonestly, by differentiating between their own children and those of Syrians,” Cetin said. 


Reporting by: Beri Ali 

Source: ARA News

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