U.N. moved to tears by video of Syrian chlorine attack

ARA News

Geneva – Members of the United Nations’ Security Council were moved to tears watching a video that showed victims of a chlorine gas attack in Idlib province of northwestern Syria. 

The videotape showed a number of doctors unsuccessful attempts to revive Syrian children who were exposed to a chlorine attack in the town of Sarmin in Idlib province. 

On 16 March, pro-Assad warplanes reportedly targeted Idlib with at least five barrel bombs containing chlorine gas, which caused suffocation cases among civilians. 

In the meantime, the Syrian regime denied its responsibility for Idlib’s chlorine attack.

The attack caused six casualties from one family: three children, aged one, two and three, their parents and grandmother. 

Samantha Power, the American ambassador to the U.N., said that those responsible for the attack will be brought to justice, describing the U.N. meeting on Thursday as “emotional”.  

“If there was a dry eye in the room I didn’t see it,” Power told reporters. 

“The long arm of justice is taking more time than any of us would wish right now, but this documentary record will at some point be used in a court of law,” she said.


Reporting by: Lorin Silo 

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