U.S. woman arrested for intention to join ISIS


An IS female fighter. File photo

ARA News

Urfa, Turkey – On Sunday, the U.S. police arrested an American woman in the city of Philadelphia on charges of attempting to provide support to the Islamic State group (IS/ISIS) with the intention to travel to Turkey in order to join the hard-line group.

Keonna Thomas, 30, of Philadelphia, nicknamed herself as “The Young Lioness” and “Caliphate’s Lady” on social networks.  

According to reports, Thomas was charged with attempting to provide material support to terrorist groups, and trying to travel outside the United States to join the radical group of the Islamic State, with the intent of “fighting and martyring herself for the sake of the Islamic State” as she declared earlier on her Twitter account.

U.S. security confirmed that Thomas had been tweeting calls for jihad since 2013 on her twitter account. 

Last September, Thomas reportedly contacted a Somali terrorist group, and the communication continued between them for months. Recently, she contacted a terrorist group in Syria (primarily IS), which had prompted security forces to monitor her travel plans. 

Finally, it turned out that she had received a visa to enter Turkey after a short trip to the Spanish city of Barcelona, according to local reports. 

Speaking to ARA News, the social activist Hevin Jamal said that the spiritual vacuum along with family disintegration are common among some Western communities. 

“Systematic brain washing has overwhelmed these developed countries and this may be one reason behind the intention of many radicalized western people, especially the youth, to join an extremist group such as the Islamic State,” she argued, adding that there is no final solution but to stop these cases through fair trials and imprisonment.

“Also, it is necessary to dry up the source of extremism as well as referring the networks that promote extremism to justice in court,” she added. 

Noteworthy, if the case charges against Thomas are proved, she may face a jail term of up to 15 years.


Reporting by: Jean Nasro

Source: ARA News

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