“Auto-Administration, a successful model in northern Syria”: Kurdish politician

Hadiya Yousef, co-chair of the Auto-Administration in al-Jazeera Canton, northeastern Syria. Photo: ARA News

ARA News

Qamishli, Syria – The Democratic Auto-Administration established under the leadership of the Kurdish Democratic Union Party “PYD” and allied groups in northern Syria in the al-Jazeera Canton (Hasakah Province), confirmed through its co-chair, Hadiya Yousef, that the foreign relations of the Auto-Administration with European and regional states haven’t reached a strategic level yet.

Diplomatic Openness

In an exclusive interview with ARA News, Hadiya Yousef, said, “We in Auto-Administration of northern Syria currently have open channels of communication with European and regional countries, although these relations have not reached an official agreement or a contracted alliance.” 

She pointed out that the Auto-Administration authorities have forged ties with France, Germany and Russia, as well as with the United Arab Emirates, the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and Turkey.

“As our semi-autonomous experience is fresh, we are trying to ffurther open channels of communication with different forces on a regional and international basis, trying to convey our aspirations to the world and demonstrate that we’re able to manage the local affairs in a pluralistic manner,” she said.

“Our Auto-Administration is based on mutual agreement between the different components of the region, and includes Kurds, Arabs, Assyrians, Syriacs and other groups in northern Syria.”

“We hope that our diplomatic relations develop into an alliance with the countries that want to develop a project of peace and a democratic society in Syria,” she added.

“We seek a pluralist decentralized state”

Answering a question raised by ARA News about their project’s role in resolving the Syrian crisis, the co-chair of the Auto-Administration Hadiya Yousef explained that “we aim for autonomy in northern Syria, especially since the country endured an unprecedented crisis that has caused a security vacuum and a state of chaos over the last four years.” 

“Our project seeks to solve this crisis in order to create a decentralized democratic, pluralistic state that recognizes the rights of all existing social components. This includes the formulation of a new constitution that guarantees those rights,” she told ARA News.

“The Auto-Administration project is a perfect solution for Syria’s future,” Yousef argued.

Optimized Solution

Yousef emphasized that what is now being done in areas run by the Auto-Adminisation in northern Syria “is the perfect solution for maintaining social cohesion and civil peace against dangers caused by the ongoing war. The best solution for all Syrian areas is building local administrations in which all the components of society are involved.” 

“In our areas, the citizens resolve their administrative, social, service and political problems by themselves with the assistance of the Auto-Adminisration’s institutions, which is deemed as the best formula for all Syrian cities.” Yousef concluded. 

Notably, a number of Kurdish, Arab and Christian parties held meetings in the city of Qamishli, begin in November 2013, and declared an agreement on forming an autonomous Transitional Administration in the several areas of northern Syria where Kurds form a majority of the population.


Interview by: Ahmed Shwaish and Rudi Ahmed

Source: ARA News

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