Iranian authorities try to cope with Kurdish protests, deny involvement in killing Khosrawani

Angry Kurdish protesters confronting Iranian security forces in Mahabad. Activists

ARA News

Urfa, Turkey – The Iranian Interior Minister, Rahmani Fadli, denied Tuesday the reports about the sexual harassment by one of its security officers against a Kurdish girl in Mahabad city.

Farinaz Khosrawani, 23, has been reportedly exposed to sexual harassment by an Iranian security officer in the Tarai hotel, where Khosrawami was working, and she subsequently threw herself from the fourth floor, escaping the perpetrator.

However, the Iranian Minister said in a press conference in Tehran that the suspect has nothing to do with political or security agencies of Iran.

“The perpetrator is not a government employee,” he said, adding that the investigations revealed that the victim “was in a relationship with the perpetrator”.

Farinaz Khosrawani

“The incident was a private issue, but some enemies of the state wanted to exploit the case and turn it into a political issue against the government,” Fadli said. He also accused media of “exaggerations” about the incident. 

The incident has caused a broad wave of outrage among Iranian Kurds, who have taken to the street in several Kurdish cities across northwestern Iran in the past few days. At least six protesters were killed and hundreds other were arrested by the Iranian authorities. 

The protests, described by activists as a Kurdish uprising against the Iranian authorities, has drawn the attention of Kurds in Syria, Turkey and Iraq, who in their turn demonstrated to show solidarity with their Iranian peers. 

Speaking to ARA News, civil rights activist Sherin Hamo said that the Iranian authorities tries to “falsify the truth of the incident”, especially after the outbreak of anti-government protests in other Kurdish cities. 


Reporting by: Jan Nasro

Source: ARA News

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