Iranian forces suppress Kurdish protesters, kill and arrest dozens

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Erbil, Kurdistan Region – For the fourth consecutive day, continuous protests took place in the Kurdish city of Mahabad, and expanded to other cities in northwestern Iran where Kurds constitute majority.

The Iranian authorities started taking more repressive measures against angry Kurdish protesters, who started taking to the street after the 23-year-old Kurdish girl, Farinaz Khosrawani, committed suicide subsequent to exposure to a sexual harassment by an Iranian security officer last Thursday.

At least six protesters have been killed since the outbreak of the protests, while the numbers of detainees reached hundreds. 

The protests that have taken wider dimensions moved to other cities such as Sardasht, amid increasing global solidarity with Iranian Kurds. 

In the meantime, the General Command of the Peshmerga forces in the Kurdistan Freedom Party in Iran (PAK) called on all its fighters to be prepared for any need for action “in order to back Kurdish protesters”.

In an exclusive interview with ARA News, Shamal Bokani, the official spokesman of the Kurdistan Freedom Party (PAK), said that the Revolutionary Guards and intelligence agents of the Iranian regime forces were deployed in Iranian Kurdish areas, blocking the roads to prevent protestors from reaching governmental institutions.

The Iranian security forces also stormed houses of dozens of Kurdish activities who played a role in organizing anti-governemnt protests. 

“The security forces transferred major parts of detainees to Urmia prison by buses, while dozens others were taken to detention centers in the cities of Miandoab and Naghadeh,” he added.

“The anti-riot police, the guard forces, intelligence and the forces of the Basij (mobilization) were intensely deployed across the city of Mahabad on Sunday. The mission of these forces is to prevent citizens from gathering at any public place in Mahabad city,” Bokani told ARA News.

“The city of Mahabad endures complete cut of power, telecommunications and the Internet. Also, several checkpoints and barriers were installed at the entrances of the city for arresting people arbitrarily,” he added.

The official spokesman of the PAK appealed to all Iranian citizens to support the Kurds against the tyrannical rule of mullahs’ regime in Iran, emphasizing the need to deliver aid to citizens and young people of Mahabad who suffer blockade by the security forces. 

Bokani also called on international organizations of human rights to take urgent action against the Iranian regime in order to stop repression and arbitrary arrests in the city of Mahabad, and help releasing of detainees. “Otherwise, those detained will be summarily executed and we’ll witness more bloodshed of peaceful protesters.” 

Bokani confirmed to ARA News that the PAK forces are prepared to take action against the Iranian authorities in the Kurdish areas “if the situation further deteriorates without any intervention by the international community”. 

Interview by: Sarbaz Yousef

Source: ARA News

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