ISIS execution: Boy shoots Iraqi man in the head

ARA News

Istanbul, Turkey – On Sunday the Islamic State group (IS/ISIS) published a videotape that documents the execution of a man charged of spying on behalf of Iraqi security forces.

The execution was conducted by an IS youngster who claims membership in the so-called Ashbal al-Khilafa (Cubs of the Caliphate), who shot the accused in the head several times, according to the footage that was released by the IS-linked media.

In the videotape, Zafer az-Zawi, an Iraqi citizen from the city of al-Qaem in western Iraq on the border with Syria’s al-Bukamal, confessed his suspicious relationship with the Iraqi government and to leaking confidential information about the IS-linked military bases in al-Qaem.

Before his execution, az-Zawi called “all spies who work against the Caliphate State (Islamic State) in the interest of the Iraqi government” to desert it, saying it is a “failed government”. He asks them to return to their true religion and join the group’s ranks.

By contrast, the IS underage recruit from the so-called Cubs of the Caliphate addressed the Western countries, saying: “You Americans, Europeans, and Russians. Your warplanes, supporters and spies will not be able to assist you; we will confront them all, God willing.”

At the end of his speech, the minor (surrounded by a number of IS insurgents) killed the victim (az-Zawi)  with three bullets to the head.

This is the first time the radical group has broadcasts a footage showing an actual execution at the hand of an underage militant. The IS group is accused by the United Nations of recruiting children to fight against opponents in Syria and Iraq.


Reporting by: Mohammed Nasser

Source: ARA News

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