Israel concerned about Syria’s future

Israeli soldiers stand next to an "Iron Dome" short-range missile defense system. File photo

ARA News

Beirut, Lebanon – An Israeli official said that his country has to work on a “pre-emptive blow” to the jihadist groups operating in Syria, stressing that the move “has become necessary to protect Israel’s national security”. 

Deputy Minister of Israeli regional cooperation, Ayoub Kara, said on Saturday that Israel cannot accept the existence of jihadist groups on its borders, warning of the possibility those groups target Israeli territory with Katyusha rockets.

Kara, an Arab officer in the Elite Brigade of the Israeli army, said that jihadists now do not target Israel, because they are busy fighting against the Syrian regime led by Bashar al-Assad, “but the first goal after the fall of the regime is targeting Israel”. 

The Israeli deputy minister called on the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) to carry out pre-emptive strikes in the coming weeks against jihadist groups in Syria, saying the Israeli government has already prepared the necessary plans for this operation on the Israeli-Syrian border.

In the meantime, the expert on Israeli national security affairs, Audi Elam, said that Israel understands now more than ever that the survival of the Syrian regime could be a better option that Islamists take over power in the neighboring country.

Elam said on Sunday that Israel will most likely be the first target in case of downfall of the Syrian regime. 

“In spite of the interest that both Hezbollah and Iran in the Syrian regime’s survival, this option remains the best that having the Sunni Islamist groups taking over power in Syria, because the second option will be more risky on the security of Israel,” he argued.


Reporting by: Mohammed Salman

Source: ARA News

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