Israel prepares for a post-Assad phase in neighboring Syria

sraeli soldiers walk next to a mobile artillery unit in the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights near the border with Syria. File photo

ARA News

Beirut, Lebanon – Spokesman for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), Alon Ben-David, said Sunday that the military intelligence service are working on the preparation of a list of targets that are likely to be struck inside Syria, after a possible fall of the Assad regime.

Israel is concerned about the opposition party that may replace Assad regime in case of the latter’s downfall. 

In remarks published by the Israeli newspaper of Maariv, in its Sunday’s edition, Ben-David said that the leadership of the Israeli Air Force, in cooperation with the Military Intelligence Service, is working on setting a list of targets to be struck in case jihadists take over power in Syria.  

Ben-David also stressed in his remarks that the pro-Assad Iranian Revolutionary Guard and Lebanese Hezbollah militia have recently failed to make any progress in southern Syria.

He pointed out that the Syrian regime and the ruling elite are only in control of a few neighborhoods of the capital Damascus, which turned into an easy target for the armed opposition’s attacks, forcing many of the Alawite families (of the Assad sect) residing in Damascus to move toward the coastal region.

“The Israeli military intelligence confirms that the Lebanese Hezbollah and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard’s ability to protect the Syrian regime has dramatically declined, making the Israeli military command more cautious of a sudden fall of the Syrian regime which will let battle-hardened jihadist groups rule near the Israeli border,” Ben-David added.

Two weeks ago, Israel bombed a number of military brigades of the Syrian regime army in the “Third Division” of the Quteifa area (40 km north of Damascus), which contained strategic depots for long-range Scud missiles.


Reporting by: Mohammed Salman

Source: ARA News

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