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Aleppo, Syria – Subsequent to fierce battles with the pro-regime army, militant fighters of the Islamic State (IS/ISIS/ISIL) gained control of a strategic hill in Aleppo suburb in northern Syria, military sources reported on Wednesday.

The strategic hill overlooks the industrial city in Sheikh Najjar in Aleppo.

Speaking to ARA News, Muslim Abu al-Walid, a fighter in the ranks of the ash-Shamiya Front rebels, said that their fighters spotted several ISIL’s militants on al-Maqbala hill, having engaged in deadly battles with the pro-regime forces stationed in the industrial city. 

“The clashes resulted in the death of more than 25 members of the pro-regime forces as the group gained control of the strategic hill of al-Maqbala,” the source added.

He pointed out that ISIL has been closer than ever to control the industrial city, which is considered a vital supply-line for the pro-Assad forces in Aleppo. 

The industrial city also connects the regime-held central prison with Sefat and Bashkoy in the northern countryside of Aleppo. 

On Tuesday, the pro-regime forces targeted several areas in the city of Aleppo and its countryside with stereochemistry missiles and rockets (type Phil), field sources told ARA News.

In the meantime, the pro-regime air force hit the areas of Handarat and Bashkoy with stereochemistry missiles, targeting headquarters of the armed Islamist opposition in the vicinity of the Air Force Intelligence branch in the neighborhood of al-Zahra Association.

Additionally, the pro-regime forces targeted the area of Qabr al-Inkilizi and al-Kastillo road, which is the only supply line for the armed opposition fighters; it connects the eastern districts of Aleppo with the northern countryside of the province.

In the meantime, rebels of ash-Shamiya Front were able to blow up two tunnels under headquarters of pro-Assad forces in Aouja Kayali area in the old districts central Aleppo, without knowing the size of the casualties, Mustafa al-Halabi, a fighter of ash-Shamiya Front told ARA News.


Reporting by: Jiwan Saman and Taim Khalil

Source: ARA News

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