Palmyra’s residents at risk, U.N. concerned

ISIS militants in Palmyra

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Derik, Syria – Members of the U.N. Security Council condemned the ongoing terrorist atrocities committed by the Islamic State (IS/ISIL), especially after the group\s control of the Syrian ancient city of Palmyra.

In an official statement, the council expressed its “deep concerns” about the lives of thousands of civilians stranded inside the city, and the endangered World Heritage sites in the ancient city. 

The Council’s members also urged, in a statement released Saturday, to provide a safe passage for civilians fleeing violence, stressing that the Syrian authorities bears the main responsibility for the deteriorating conditions in the country. 

The Council’s statement also condemned the IS-led beheadings, killings, raping, sexual abuse of women, forced marriages and forced recruitment of children.

The U.N. Security Council’s members pointed out to the destruction of cultural heritage sites in Iraq and Syria by Daesh (Islamic State), and other individuals, groups, institutions, and entities linked to al-Qaeda. 

“The (IS) group is smuggling the cultural heritage of the archaeological sites, museums, libraries, and use it to support the recruitment efforts, and enhance the operational capacity to be able carry out terrorist attacks,” the statement added.

The council members also emphasized the need to eliminate Daesh, and that the IS-led constant barbaric acts will not prevent members of the Council from taking action. 

Civil rights activist Jalal Zaki told ARA News that Syria’s Palmyra currently faces the danger of elimination by the extremist group. 

The United Nations announced on Thursday that it had received reports saying the Syrian forces prevented civilians from leaving the war torn city of Palmyra.


Reporting by: Amin Maree

Source: ARA News

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