Pro-Assad forces accused of robbery in evacuated areas

Pro-Assad militias have been accused by locals of robbery of private property in a village in the countryside of Hasakah. File photo

ARA News

Hasakah, Syria ــ Subsequent to their control over the western areas of Hasakah, pro-Syrian regime forces have reportedly stormed civilian houses and robbed private property of displaced people in the Rafraf village and the nearby junction of al-Siddiq, local sources reported on Wednesday.

The pro-regime forces and allied militias seized control of the Rafrarf village following clashes with Islamist militants of ISIS.  

Speaking to ARA News, one of Rafraf villagers said (on the condition of anonymity) pro-Assad forces have robbed civilians’ houses in the village on Wednesday.

“They’ve loaded their vehicles with bedrooms, electrical equipments, water tanks and other properties form the stormed houses in the village,” he said. 

“The owners of those looted houses have been recently displaced by the IS radical group,” the source added.

Human rights activists from the city of Hasakah told ARA News that the regime’s militias have been accustomed to such practices following their control over the areas.

Similar acts were witnessed in the Geweran district in the city of Hasakah by the same pro-regime militias in last December, eyewitnesses reported. 

“The pro-Assad forces have stolen civilians’ property near the Marsho station last month,” according to locals. 

The Syrian opposition has accused the pro-Assad militias of selling entire neighborhoods to traders who are allowed to enter the houses as happened in the old city of Homs after the departure of the armed opposition factions.


Reporting by: Zozan Shekho      

Source: ARA News

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