Syrian rebels advance against ISIS in Raqqa

A YPG fighter checking a destroyed tank seized by the Kurdish forces after IS withdrawal from the countryside of Sere Kaniye, northeastern Syria. Photo: ARA News

ARA News

Kobane, Syria – On Friday, rebels of the Burkan al-Furat took control of several new villages on the eastern countryside of the city of Tel Abyad (Gire Spi) in Raqqa province, northeastern Syria, after clashes with militants of the Islamic State (IS/ISIL), military sources reported.

Speaking to ARA News on the phone, the spokesman of the Burkan al-Furat forces, Shervan Darwish, said that their forces liberated several villages near the IS-held city of Tel Abyad, including Safariya Sharqi/Gharbi, Idqi, Sabaa Jaffar, Saluka, Izaa Saluka, and Gorish plant in addition to nearby hills.

Darwish pointed out that the village, located on the highway of Aleppo-Qamishli, are now under the control of Burkan al-Furat’s rebels, adding that their forces have earlier seized control of Kij Qaran village on Thursday.

The rebels were able to kill seven IS insurgents and seize an armored vehicle, according to the same source.

“We made a remarkable advance against IS terrorists in the northern countryside of Raqqas in the past few days,” Darwish, the spokesman of the Burkan al-Furat forces, told ARA News.

Media Office of Burkan al-Furat also reported that their forces were able to liberate several strategic hills in the eastern countryside of Kobane within the administrative borders of the province of Raqqa, after fierce clashes with IS terrorists on Friday evening.


Reporting by: Redwan Bezar 

Source: ARA News

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