U.N. Security Council to address Syrian regime on chlorine attacks against civilians

U.N. Security Council. File photo

ARA News

Istanbul, Turkey – U.S. officials said Wednesday that the U.N. Security Council is holding a closed meeting on Thursday to discuss latest developments in Syria, especially the frequent use of chlorine gas against civilians.

The United States is seeking to put pressure on the Council’s members to urge their direct condemnation of the party which uses toxic gas in the Syrian war, and to pinpoint the parties directly responsible for these attacks.

The U.N. Security Council is expected to adopt a resolution condemning the responsible party for the recent chlorine gas attacks in Syria. 

The meeting is expected to include a word for the Chairman of the Chemical Weapons’ Prohibition Organization informing the council on the latest developments regarding the results of the investigations concerning the chlorine attacks in Syria. 

Several countries in the Security Council have tried in the past to directly accuse the Syrian regime of using these weapons against areas beyond its control, but Russia and China always vowed to veto any resolution  blaming the Assad regime for such violations. 

The recent report of the International Agency for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons suggests it may direct clear charges against the Syrian regime on frequent use of chemical agents against civilians, because it is the only Syrian party that possesses military helicopters, and investigations confirmed that the chlorine attacks were carried out from the air.

Human rights activist Murad Yousef stated to ARA News that the U.N. Security Council “has proved its inability to take any action against the Syrian regime over the last four years.”

Syrian activists recently accused pro-Assad air force of carrying out several chlorine attacks against civilians in Idlib.  


Reporting by: Mustafa Hamed

Source: ARA News

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