ISIS reports new gains in Aleppo

A convoy of ISIS-manned vehicles in the countryside of Raqqa, northeastern Syria. File photo

ARA News

Aleppo, Syria – Militant fighters of the Islamic State (IS/ISIS) gained control of a major opposition stronghold in Aleppo province, northern Syria, military sources reported on Sunday.

Speaking to ARA News on the phone, Saleh Zein, a field commander in the ash-Shamiya Front for Syrian rebels, confirmed that his forces failed to deter IS from storming the town of Soran Azaz, adjacent to the city of Azaz, a strategic location in the northern countryside of Aleppo province. 

“Despite the resistance our forces showed in the face of IS terrorists, the latter were able to control the town,” he added.

“Fierce clashes are still taking place in most fronts of the northern countryside between ash-Shamiya Front rebels and Noureddin Zanki battalions on the one hand, and IS insurgents on the other hand, during which the Suqur al-Jebel rebels (part of ash-Shamiya Front) were able to destroy an IS-led tank in front of Tel Malid checkpoint, as well as destroying a Bulldozer on the outskirts of Soran Azaz,” Zein told ARA News.

“This coincided with IS bombardment of Maree town with Grad rockets and heavy artillery shells,” he said.

Also on Sunday, the pro-regime forces shelled Aleppo city with rockets and barrel bombs, destroying several residential buildings in the opposition-held districts in the eastern part of the city. 

Media activist Mohammed Hussein told ARA News in Aleppo that the pro-regime forces dropped a barrel bomb on the Mashhad neighborhood and two other barrels on Firdos neighborhood, causing a large number of victims among civilians as well as a huge substantial damage in north neighborhoods. 

Meanwhile, rebels of Sultan Murad brigade announced in a statement on Sunday that their fighters were able to destroy an armored vehicle belonging to pro-Assad forces in Izza sub-district of Aleppo.

Local activists also reported that several homemade shells hit the neighborhoods of al-Sabil, Jamilia and al-Midan in central Aleppo, causing the death of at least 8 civilians.


Reporting by: Taim Khalil

Source: ARA News

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