Islamic State militants bomb Shiite mosque in Kuwait

The attack on Kuwait's Imam Sadiq Mosque during Friday prayers was claimed by ISIS

ARA News

Qamishli, Syria – At least 13 people were killed and dozens others wounded in a suicide bombing that targeted a Shiite mosque in the Kuwaiti capital, Kuwait, during Friday prayer. The Islamic State group (IS/ISIS) claimed responsibility for the attack on Friday.

Several Kuwaiti sources reported that 13 people were killed and dozens others wounded by an explosion at the Shiite mosque of Imam as-Sadiq in as-Sawaber district downtown Kuwait city. 

Khalil Saleh, member of the Kuwaiti National Assembly, reported that the worshipers were kneeling in prayer when a thunderous explosion shattered the walls and roof of the mosque.

“A nearly 30-year-old suicider carried out the operation causing casualties among the worshippers,” he added.

In the meantime, the Islamic State said in a statement on Friday that the suicide bomber was “Abu Suleiman al-Muwahid” who has carried out the operation through an explosive belt attached to his body.

“This apostate sect (Shiite) are spreading polytheism and support the Lebanese militia of Hezbollah,” the IS statement said, justifying the Friday’s attack in Kuwait.

Speaking to ARA News, Head of the Muslims Clerics Union in al-Jazeera (Hasakah province), northeastern Syria, Mullah Mohammed Kharzani, said that terrorists of the Islamic State group target civilians and the mosques of Allah, carrying out terrorist attacks against innocent Muslims under the banner of Islam.

“We condemn such terrorist practices everywhere,” he added.

The Islamic State claimed Friday responsibility for several attacks in Kuwait, Tunisia and France.


Reporting by: Ahmed Shiwesh

Source: ARA News

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