Israel won’t intervene to protect Druze minority in Syria: official

Syria's Druze clerics. File photo

ARA News

Damascus, Syria – The Israeli government decided Friday not to intervene to protect the Druze minority in Syria, following requests for military intervention by some figures of the Druze community in Israel, local media reported.

The Israeli newspaper of Haaretz said that the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) would not intervene to protect hundreds of thousands of Druze from the Sunni armed opposition forces in southern Syria.

In a report issued by the Israeli newspaper on Friday, the military and political leadership of Israel agreed not to intervene on behalf of Syrian Druze’s, despite concerns for the fate of the Druze community there, particularly in the Jabal al-Arab province of As-Suwayda.

This comes as Israel tries to avoid direct interference in the Syrian civil war. 

The report stressed that the intervention in favor of the Druze in Syria came after two-weeks-long calls by the Druze clerics in Israel, who demanded the Israeli President and Chief of Staff of the IDF to intervene militarily in Syria to protect their peers there.

On Thursday, the Syrian National Coalition (SNC) –main political opposition bloc– and the Free Syria Army (FSA) denounced what it described as attempts to inflame sectarian strife after the massacre committed by militants of the al-Nusra Front (Syria’s branch of al-Qaeda) in the village of Qalb Loza in the countryside of Idlib, northwestern Syria.

On the other hand, the al-Nusra Front has confirmed that it does not accept what have been done by some of its members against Druze villagers, stressing that these members will be brought to trial for what they did and they will receive fair penalty.

The Syrian armed opposition forces are locked in fierce fighting in the vicinity of the Thala military airport in the western countryside of As-Suwayda province, only two days after their control of the “Brigade 52”, the second-largest military brigade southern Syria.


Reporting by: Mohammed Darwish

Source: ARA News

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