Thousands flee Palmyra amid mounting violence

ARA News

Damascus, Syria – On Thursday, thousands of civilians were displaced from the city of Palmyra in Homs province, central Syria, to the depth of the surrounding desert, locals reported.

Many others are trapped between the regime’s bombardment and the restrictions of the Islamic State (IS/ISIS) in Palmyra.

“Nearly 15,000 people escaped violence in Tadmur (Palmyra) and headed to the desert on foot. There is no nearby city or even relief organization to assist them,” local activist told ARA News.

“Tens of thousands are still suffering the horror of ISIS and the regime’s bombardment in Palmyra.” 

Speaking to ARA News in Palmyra, media activist Nasser Ribel said that poverty, lack of basic medicines and materials have tired people of Palmyra.

He quoted an IS militant as saying: “We use anti-planes weapons to deter the regime’s strikes in other battles like the eastern countryside of Homs and Jazl village.” 

The group executed dozens of pro-Assad forces in Palmyra after taking over the city weeks ago.

Also on Thursday, the radical group executed four people in Palmyra on charges of treason. 

On Wednesday, the pro-regime forces regained control of the oil-rich town of Dazel in the countryside of Palmyra following clashes with IS militants. 


Reporting by: Adel Hassan

Source: ARA News

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